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  • The Boat - Green

    The boat-like design of this concise case inspires the name of this new addition to the WafaaWali family. The color combination is reminiscent of boats lazily parked at  Alexandria’s eastern harbor. The Boat is made of full grain leather that ages beautifully. It accommodates your essential stationary, make up items or a combination of both. It is extremely lightweight and small; it can fit in any of your bags or carry ons.  

    Slow and sustinable fashion, desgined to last

    100% Genuine leather that ages beautiful

    Feature and Compatibility

    Dimensions Length 25cm, Width 26cm, Height 6cm
    Strap None
    0.5 kg

    Laptop None
    Pencils, Pens

    Product’s and Material’s Details

    Leather Full Grain Leather
    Tannery Piel Color
    Tanning Environment Certified Tanning
    Color Green

    Lining None


    Tint Nickel
    Stitching Green
    Zipper 3mm Turquoise