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  • The Komsari - Black

    The Komsari is a cross body bag that is created to fulfil all your needs. The main compartment accommodates all your belongings; you can even fit a kindle or IPad inside. The main compartment is zipped all along to protect your belongings and a flap is added to cover it all up. The flap flaunts different color stitching that resembles a graph; we tend to think of it as representing the music of life going up and down, but we leave the interpretation to you.

    Slow and sustinable fashion, desgined to last

    100% Genuine leather that ages beautiful

    Feature and Compatibility

    Dimensions Length 20cm, Width 25cm
    Strap Adjustable    
    Long Strap Length: 88-93 cm
    Long Strap Drop: 42-44 cm
    0.5 kg

    Laptop None
    Tablet, Keys, Phone, Book, Wallet, Papers

    Product’s and Material’s Details

    Leather Full Grain Leather
    Tannery Piel Color
    Tanning Environment Certified Tanning
    Color Black

    Lining Egyptian Cotton
    Color Striped Patterned Blue


    Tint Nickel
    Stitching Blue, Patterned White
    Zipper 5mm Grey, Zipped Inner Pocket, Magnetic Lock, Cross-Body